Our guests, among whom is your family member, are 167 housed in the two pavillions “Centrale” and “Carolina Pugliese e Famigliari”, both located on the property.

Our Guests are partially autonomous, meaning they can maintain certain abilities, such as eating or walking or taking care of themselves and their personal hygiene, and non-autonomous, meaning that they are totally dependent on others to carry out their daily activities.

Rest assured!

RSA - Casa di Riposo - Chi Sono Gli Ospiti, Autonomi e assistenza per demenza senile, Alzheimer e altre patologie.

Regardless of their condition, their degree of ability to care for themselves or their age and related problems, our staff is properly trained and can provide for your loved one.

In fact, we are also prepared to manage and ensure prompt intervention whenever the situation is or becomes more serious (e.g. Assisting people with dementia), as well as Guests with chronic and stabilised psychiatric pathologies (psycho-geriatric Guests).

The different types of Guests may sometimes show difficult behaviour (repetition of rambling and nonsensical sentences, psycho-motor agitation, repetitive and uncontrolled movements, the desire to constantly walk, etc.). In some cases, solely for the Guest’s safety, to prevent falls, and always in agreement with the family, it is necessary to use means of protection (wheelchair straps, bed straps or wrist straps).

Therefore, the situation is constantly monitored by our social-healthcare staff that does everything possible to minimise the Guests’ discomfort.