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The ideal Assisted Living Facility for convenience and quality at the service of all guests from Milan, Varese and Lombardy.


The medical service is coordinated by the Health Director and is carried out in shifts by doctors.
Admission to the Assisted Living Facility is assessed directly by the Health Director, who is responsible for defining the degree of self-sufficiency of the patient so as to establish the “Sosia class” to which the patient belongs, in compliance with regional directives.

Medical examinations are carried out daily in the outpatient clinics of the Facility or in the rooms according to the facility’s schedule and scheduled checks or based on emergencies. The doctor fills in and checks the FASAS sections that fall under his/her responsibility and the Guests’ records, and periodically check the Guests’ SOSIA classes.

The medical service may request specialist visits, medical tests or lab tests that cannot be carried out at the Assisted Living Facility, with the exception of visits by the Geriatrician and Physiatrist, which are guaranteed weekly.

All medications, including those within the C category, needed for the Guests are paid for by the facility, as are the medical devices required.

The facility’s doctors, coordinated by the Health Director, are in attendance at the facility according to pre-established shifts from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The rest of the time they are on call.


Nursing care is guaranteed 24/7. Nurses prepare and administer therapy, prepare dressings, takes blood samples for blood tests, checks vital parameters, perform all the necessary tasks to maintain and recover health as well as make available all the necessary supply of medicines and medical aids, and supervise the operators on the floors.

It is the nurse’s duty to promote all the initiatives within his or her competence to meet the psychological needs of the Guests and to maintain pleasant and serene collaboration with the families.


The physiotherapy service, coordinated by a physiatrist, is carried out by rehabilitation therapists (physiotherapists) who perform re-educational and rehabilitative interventions to prevent and delay disabilities and, where possible, maintain and/or strengthen the Guest’s residual skills and potential.

The service also ensures the adoption of prostheses and aids necessary for the activity; the service is provided by physiotherapists present at the facility from Monday to Saturday.



The service provides help and assistance to Guests through A.S.A. (auxiliary-social-assistance workers) operators available 24/7 and O.S.S. (social-healthcare-workers) operators 365 days a year and concerns all activities designed to maintain the health and psychophysical well-being of the Guest. Guests are assisted in mobilisation, personal hygiene, dressing and feeding, with particular regard to hydration.


The Social Worker’s role at the Institute is to support the Health Director in dealing with applications for admission by means of a cognitive interview with the person concerned (if possible) and their family. This is done to obtain information on the person’s situation and illustrate the services offered by the facility.

It also carries out social administrative activities, helping those who need it to complete administrative procedures for applying for disability, municipal contributions to supplement the fees (for the elderly who do not have family members) and to submit applications for the appointment of a support administrator, maintaining relations of collaboration and coordination with the municipal social services in the area.

He/she interacts with the professional figures at the facility to define the objectives of the individual care plan.

He/she coordinates the entertainment services, promoting activities that are increasingly responsive to the Guests’ needs


The Foundation respects the Guests’ freedom of religion.

However, religious support is guaranteed for all. At the church of St. Francis, inside the Assisted Living Facility facility, Holy Mass is celebrated every day in the afternoon by the resident chaplain.

The facility also hosts the Indian Congregation of the Servants of Christ, who collaborate with the entertainers and dedicate themselves to comforting guests and their relatives.


Entertainment and social life are fundamental elements of the Foundation’s way of life.

Entertainment is understood as a set of cultural, recreational, playful and educational activities designed to offer stimulating opportunities for the psychophysical wellbeing of the Guests.

It is designed as a way to bring out and protect the desire of seniors who, even at this particular time of their life, wish to be happy.

These activities are carried out by entertainers and professional educators who have the task of fostering the social needs of every single guest.

The work starts from an integrated approach between the different professionals at the facility. The project begins from an analysis of the family network and combines historical, social and anamnestic data to reach a personalised plan of proposals to be implemented for the Guest.

The weekly programme is displayed on the notice boards in all the units, allowing relatives to know in advance the various activities that will take place, such as parties, board games, live music, dancing, plays, reading and talks, occupational workshops, gardening, celebrations and outings in the area, as well as onotherapy, when the season allows, and horticultural therapy. The facility is also equipped with 2 cinemas, which are particularly liked by the Guests to watch movies in the afternoon.

The service is guaranteed 365 days a year.



The Assisted Living Facility deems a fundamental value to welcome anyone who wish to visit and offer their time to the facility’s guests. We are grateful to the associations that come and go throughout the year and enable our guests to spend pleasant hours.


AVO Varese has been active since 1981 in volunteering in the Varese area spreading solidarity, offering free services and promoting social responsibility.

AVO Varese is a non-profit voluntary association that offers a friendly presence, human warmth, a listening ear and help to fight suffering, isolation and boredom in hospitals and assisted living facilities. AVO volunteers do not carry out technical-professional tasks, which are the exclusive responsibility of medical and paramedical staff.


In compliance with the regulations detailed in the Law 81/08, the entire facility complex is equipped with safety and control systems that allow immediate intervention in case of an emergency. The building has prevention systems in case of fire, well-marked emergency exits and the entrance doors are equipped with anti-panic handles. The electrical and thermo-hydraulic system, as well as all the other systems and machinery at the facility meet the requirements of the laws in force.

The staff is trained in fire-fighting and safety, evacuation and first-aid.