The Colours of Our Staff

A Colour for Every Task

The people in our care can always count on our staff.

They are looked after on a daily basis by health and social care staff, according to their needs, habits or any requirements that may arise.

Each member of the facility’s staff (employee or contractor) is recognisable by their name badge, which must be worn by everyone during work hours.

Staff members, in particular doctors, the Health Director, physiatrists, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists and nurses, work on the basis of numerous protocols and record all their actions in the Foundation’s FASAS (Social and Health Care File).

The purpose of this document is to gather together all the documentation related to each guest to prove the appropriateness of the care provided.

The Foundation’s staff, comprising all the professionals listed above, as well as all the social and healthcare workers, meets periodically to monitor and make appropriate changes to the care plan for each guest.

The clinical and psychological conditions of a guest may, in fact, change rapidly. Therefore, meetings are fundamental to provide timely and correct intervention.

Medical personnel

Service Personnel